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Live action/PB icons are available at [insanejournal.com profile] glorafilia!

If you'd like to affiliate, comment here :)
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if I get eaten, even if it's hilarious, please delete the vids

[162] Mass Effect Andromeda default Ryders:
[109] Sara
[52] Scott
[1] with both

Let's say, hypothetically, I was out sick the day they taught quantum... embezzlement... communism. )

Caps mostly from Flickr users including Jonathan Gomez, Lawrance Devlin, Nekrono87, rosasgarrett, and Sanderlito.
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you can thank my dad for that. Hindu myths were his thing.

[32] Uncharted 3 (London only): Chloe Frazer
[31] Uncharted 4 (Panama flashback only): Nathan Drake
[63] total

Hey, gimme a call when you're tall enough to ride the rides! )

Chloe caps by me; Nate caps by yocalio @ Flickr.
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I'm a woman who doesn't believe in sure things

[29] Star Wars: Vader Down II and VI and Star Wars: Darth Vader issue 21: Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra

That was fun. Let's never do it again. )
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Muslim ninja!

[54] Rivers of London: Body Work: Sahra Guleed

I'm so glad she's in the comics, because finding a black hijabi PB is Hard.


While you've been swanning around out here, communing with nature, I've been doing a bit of policing. )
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sic parvis magna

[58] Uncharted 3: Young Nathan Drake

Very belated supplement to these.


it means 'greatness from small beginnings' )
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it's just a poster and a few candles

[19] Mass Effect 3 caps: Conrad Verner


it's very tasteful )

Caps by xineishiguro @ Flickr.
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look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now

[143] Hamilton production photos, show photos, and photoshoots (23 added + sorted by actor January 17th 2015):
[40] Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton
[20] Phillipa Soo as Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler Hamilton
[17] Daveed Diggs as the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson
[14] Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler Church
[12] Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr, sir
[10] Anthony Ramos as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton
[8] Christopher Jackson as George Washington
[8] Okieriete Onaodowan as Hercules Mulligan and James Madison
[7] Jasmine Cephas Jones as Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler Van Renssaelaer
[7] group + chorus


history is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world )

[personal profile] such_heights has icons too!
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following your passions... so employable

[40] Assassin's Creed issue 1: Charlotte de la Cruz

The alternate covers are interesting because she does very little of what's on them: Never gets the hoodie or the hidden blades, fails at parkour.


Seriously, does EVERYONE know where I live? )
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once I got airbending, I changed

[35] Avatar: Legend of Korra 03x02-04 caps: Kai

Impulse applications, go... [tumblr.com profile] thelittlescamp and [personal profile] cuppa have icons too.


I feel like airbending chose me for a reason. )

Screencaps from Cap-That.com.
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I'm Sam, Sam Nishimura

[58] Tomb Raider (ten from the comics): Samantha "Sam" Nishimura


Wanna go dancing? )

Game caps supplied by [tumblr.com profile] beltsquid!
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did you see what I did there?

[105] The Fearless Defenders issues 1-12: Dr. Annabelle Riggs (49 later issue icons added May 22nd 2016)


I TOTALLY did that on purpose! )
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I know the entire Firefly charter by heart

[140] The Last of Us: American Dreams: Riley Abel

For an anon after Left Behind! [personal profile] funguy has Left Behind icons.


I want to help restore this country. Save its citizens. )
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damn, whoever's caught with you has a pretty low survival rate

[34] Tomb Raider
[21] Joslyn Reyes
[13] Samantha "Sam" Nishimura

Today, in icons made because I'm half-assedly thinking of playing them... I may come back and icon Jonah and Alex one day.


I just need to do my job and keep my cool )

Screencaps from Katie's Tomb Raider Screenshots and Inkdrocket.

Also, I've been making a hell of a lot of live action/PB icons over at [insanejournal.com profile] glorafilia lately.
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either your wife is here or there's a bachelor party going on!

[135] The Fosters 01x08: Gretchen

She can't possibly be lesbian with those nails.


Oh, I knew I was going to like you. )
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half the American video game industry in one post

[145] Pretty Little Liars 01x02 and 01x05: Peter Hastings

I was planning to do all of his appearances because I have a mancrush on Nolan North but I was a little alarmed that I managed to do this many from two episodes... Some are a bit samefacey and I fully didn't realize until I'd uploaded, so, sorry.


You're not supposed to watch me so closely. )